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The presentation of a company on the World Wide Web is the most important element of a company’s existence on the market.

Nowadays, a well designed web service is the most important promotion of the company’s service and product. In PolishWebPages, we will help you to create or enhance the functionality of your service and user’s interface. We can also provide creation of the content, graphics design, programming, actualization, and maintenance of your new website.

The base of the advertising on the world wide web is its interactivity. The User decides the reviewing order of the content and chooses the most important, and interesting information pertaining to him and his needs. It is important that the user can have the ability to give his opinion on what he saw on your website. There are many ways to do so, including email, questionnaires, etc. We also offer tools to track the viewing history of particular products or services offered on your website.

PolishWebPages cares about the transfer speed of your site, especially for those with dial-up modems. We use the most advanced, modern and efficient technologies (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, ASP, Macromedia Flash MX and others...) that make your website more interactive and attractive than could ever be achieved before. Everything above plus classic HTML, and DHTML will bring wonderful results for your business.

Included in our offers among others:

CMS (Content Management System)
CMS is a tool for busy businessmen who don’t know internet technology and do not want to spend money for constantly updating their websites. Using any web browser, login and password, our clients can change any text, graphics, on their website. Product catalogs (based on databases) with the possibilities of owner maintanence, can be created using CMS. Combined with search engines within the site, CMS gives users the ability to find any product without browsing the whole website.

Online store:
The most modern form of sale on the internet can reach enormous numbers of new clients.

Product Catalogs
Functional product catalogs (based on your database), plus Content Management System easily managed by the owner of the site. Thanks to search engines implemented in your website, the user can find any product without browsing the whole catalog.

We can handle any project – from the simplest one to the most advanced system of internet banking.

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